PRUS  - EP Televisit
PRUS  - EP  TeleVisit



– TeleVisit (Telemedicine visit) is done using video conferencing technology, it is not the same as the Traditional visit to the doctor office because patient and doctor will not be in the same room.

–  It has its limitation considering that physical examination can’t be done, and obviously not every medical service can be provided using TeleVisit. Your doctor may request that you schedule appointment to be seen in office if needed.

 Is not available for new patients or for health check services and is available by appointment only.

– Is done using encrypted and HIPAA compliant connection. Your privacy will be protected during the visit, the doctor will be alone in the office during the encounter and nothing will be recorded without your consent.

– To start TeleVisit:

1- Please sign the “TeleVisit consent form” (needed before your first visit).

2- Schedule an appointment online (see below) or by calling our office.

3- Click on “Enter our virtual waiting room” on the link you will receive (or below) to join the call at the time of your appointment. You will need to enter your child’s name (not your name) and a password (which will be provided to you). You don’t need an account or to download anything to join the call. The TeleVisit can be discontinued if it is felt that the connection is not adequate.

Tips For Successful TeleVisit

Make your visit a success

TeleVisit consent form

Needed before your first visit

Our Virtual Waiting Room

Enter virtual waiting room

Schedule a TeleVisit appointment

TeleVisit is not available for new patients or for health check services. TeleVisit is available by appointment only. May request an appointment online or by calling our office.

Please use the section below to request an appointment  for your child. All requested appointments will be handled by our staff on the same business day. Confirmation email will be sent to you if the requested date & time are available.  Our staff will call you with alternative options if requested date and time are unavailable.